I have too much to do so I added more to my to-do list by writing about having too much to do.



A week of the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt has lead to this.


The unity, the success, and the lovely weather have made this one of the best summers of my life. Roll on 2020 and let's win the Euros.

Two Years On

A year ago, I wrote One Year On and I'm unoriginal enough to do another. Since last year I've completed first year for the second time. This time I'm not switching courses again so what I said last year about being a little unsure of my new path was stupid. I ended another year with 2:1,... Continue Reading →

Fair Play

The fact Kane didn't get a penalty in England's match against Tunisia will be the equivalent of the injustice my mum still feels about Maradona's handball in 1986. 

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